Grab the source from Github:

Run the tests

You can run the full test suite with the tox command:


To just run Python 2.7 unit tests type:

tox -e py27-django1.8-drf3.2

To just run doctests type:

tox -e docs

Set up an environment

Using a virtualenv you can set yourself up for development like this:

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python develop

Note that this won’t install any libraries that are tested at different versions. You need tox for that.

Build the docs

In your development virtualenv, you can build the docs like this:

make -C docs/ html doctest
open docs/_build/html/index.html

Publish a release

To publish a new release on PyPI, make sure the changelog is up to date and make sure you bumped the module version in Tag master as that version. For example, something like:

git tag 0.0.5
git push --tags

Run this from the repository root to publish on PyPI as both a source distribution and wheel:

rm -rf dist/*
python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*